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Software Version Release 10.08

Our latest Software Version Release 10.08 has been in operation for several months now, and has been well accepted by our clients.

Some of the key features in this release include:

1. The ability to display drop down, radio buttons and checkboxes as buttons which improves the visual presentation of forms and the App

2. Improved data import function that takes users through a workflow

3. Periscope's subscription to the Google maps application programming interface (API) allowing for address lookups and plotting of data onto Google maps

4. A Map widget showing locations of incident, hazards and other key data sets on a consolidated map

5. The ability to export data to pre-existing Excel spreadsheets that auto populate charts and update pivot tables.

There are a number of other changes for 2019 that we are working through and look forward to sharing those with you.

Current Activities

Over the last few months, some of the key modules that Periscope staff have been working on are:

* Risk management for a couple of new clients

* Audit action tracking for a new client

* Compliance management enhancements for a number of existing clients, some of which have been driven by the current environment and increased regulator scrutiny

* Incident reporting

* Site based health and safety apps for inspections, facilities assessments and other activities

* Chemical risk assessment.


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