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Periscope's January Update

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We are continuing to work with our clients to upgrade their systems to the latest version of Periscope Software. To date, the upgrades have gone well and clients have been using some of the new functionality available. The new features are highlighted in the attached slide deck that has previously been circulated. We have appreciated client feedback we have received, particularly in relation to the autosave function, which has allowed us to continue to improve our product.

A snapshot of some of the development work we are undertaking includes:

  • Further testing of cloud hosting of Periscope Software on Amazon Web Services. We will contact client system administrators and/or contract managers in February and March to implement the migration.

  • The development of quick filters to make filtering easier for users. Similar to the way that filters work in spreadsheets, this will simplify and enhance the user experience

  • Further development to extract information from an email into a record. The current development allows an email to automatically be attached to a record based on a record Id. The next stage of work is to extract data from within an email to auto populate fields in a record.

  • Continued evolution of our configurable application programming interface (API) to allow one Periscope database to communicate with another Periscope database or third party solution. This is currently being tested in readiness for deployment in the near future. One of Periscope’s large clients has an Internal audit management system managed by the Internal Audit Group and a separate database managed by an operational area, which operates a mixture of modules including audit action tracking. This development will allow an internal audit action to be created in the Internal audit management system, and through the click of a button will create a record in the operational system. Each record within the respective systems will then be able to dynamically exchange data even though they are in different databases.

  • Periscope has engaged a legal firm to assist in the development of governance and approval arrangements to allow clients to directly access their data from the database. We have had many requests over the last 12 months for connections to our database to support data warehouses and the use of data visualisation tools such as PowerBI. Typically, these requests come in verbal form such as “Can our IT Department get direct access to the Periscope database for all our data?”. While all clients can freely extract data using Periscope’s export function, this is done through application security and is covered contractually. Direct connections to the Periscope database bypass application security and without proper governance arrangements in place, may result in data access, that is not appropriate, and data leakage, as once the data has left the system, there is no further access control applied. Formal governance arrangements will better protect Periscope and its clients.

What is Trending?

Some of Periscope’s recent client activities are briefly described below:

  • January is usually a busy time for our client system administrators, as it is the time when health checks are undertaken on the system. Some client system administrators have actively archived records, de-commissioned certain users and rationalised security profiles.

  • Periscope has finalised an online complaints management system for a Commonwealth government agency ready for final testing. Further data categorisation has been incorporated and complaint category count capture fields have been included to better reconcile complaint numbers with the relevant Ombudsman.

  • Periscope has continued working on the consolidation of internal audit actions for a Government department following a machinery of government change. Command buttons have also been configured to enable copying of audit actions reducing the need for data entry.

  • Work has continued with two clients to finalise the health and safety statistical reporting module using client data. The automated reporting represents a considerable time saving for the respective clients.

  • A test environment has been established to progress work with an existing client in using an artificial intelligence (AI) application to create case notes in Periscope’s Incident reporting system.​

  • Periscope is continuing to work with an energy generation company on a proposed Procurement management system. A trial has commenced to automate the importing of financial information from the finance system into Periscope’s system.

  • Periscope has built a risk overview module for a research organisation based on projects or themes to bring together data from different risk assessments covering biological, chemical, radiation, fieldwork, manual handling and general risks.

  • Periscope spent a significant period of time this month refreshing a number of forms for a large health client covering infection control, action tracking, agreement tracking and quality improvement project forms. In addition, Periscope recently completed a Research Project Register module for this client.

  • An Environment, Health and Safety Contacts module was recently implemented for a disability services client. The roles include first aiders, floor wardens and health and safety representatives.

  • Risk on a page reports are becoming popular amongst our clients.

  • Periscope has been approached by a global consultancy looking at implementing a risk management system across its operations.

  • Periscope has also been shortlisted to present its risk management system, covering threats and opportunities, to a potential water authority client.​

Periscope Activity

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet is conducting a project to implement necessary reforms to the operational and legal frameworks of the Whole-of-Victorian-Government eServices Register (ESR) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Register (ITIR). Periscope is an observer to the Working Group process, but will provide feedback, where appropriate, to improve the consistency of responding to information requirements and reduce the burden of responding to non-technical requirements and data duplication. It is hoped that the eventual reforms will create a more efficient procurement regime for eServices provision.

Tips and Tricks

Command buttons

Command buttons provide significant functionality without the need for any programming. System administrators can choose between many functions from emailing a report to creating new records. This functionality is used quite often by Periscope staff in form building as the command button can be formatted or an image used.

Grid sorting

Columns within widgets can be readily sorted alphabetically or numerically by selecting the sort function on the column headings. This is particularly useful for sorting dates or names.

Thank you and best wishes

As some clients are aware, this is my last day at Periscope after eight and a half years. I have enjoyed the relationship and support that we have had from our clients, partners and advocates over many years. This has been greatly appreciated. I look forward to that continuing in the years to come. I would like to thank the wonderful team that we have at Periscope for making it such a great place to work. If you would like to contact me in the future, you can connect with me on LinkedIn

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 03 9882 1896, if there are any matters you would like to discuss.




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