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Periscope's August Update

Periscope Developments

Further work has continued on the App, as we respond to user feedback. The App has a great deal of functionality and a clean user interface which continues to reinforce the power of this tool.

Periscope is also in the process of creating a bulk edit function that allows certain fields to be edited without opening up each record individually. This builds on existing functionality associated with the double-click to edit on individual cells and is particularly useful for bulk updates such as compliance and risk reviews.

Periscope’s latest software version is now available.

What is Trending?

Some of Periscope’s recent client activities are briefly described below:

  • Periscope has implemented a streamlined approach with one of our clients to record compliance with Standing Directions issued by the Minister for Finance and the Letter of Expectation issued by the Minister for Water. The client is currently working through the system, so feedback should be available next month.

  • Periscope has been in further conversation with energy retail companies to demonstrate the integration of risk/issues, compliance and regulatory breach reporting. The system can be used to automatically generate data for reporting to relevant regulatory authorities. A schema of the system is attached. The conversation also included the potential for an interface between Periscope Software and a commonly used energy retail customer management and billing system.

  • Periscope presented to an existing client on a Complaints Management System. The System allows for the ability to capture complaint information, trigger workflows and make certain complaints private using Periscope’s Make Private functionality. It also has the ability to deal with Ombudsman referred complaints. A presentation on the system is attached.

  • One of Periscope’s clients expressed interest in Periscope’s App for use as a vehicle mileage log. Periscope staff currently use the App for recording vehicle use for business purposes.

  • Periscope is working with a large organisation to undertake data migration of 50,000 records from an incident reporting system that is soon to be decommissioned.

  • Periscope presented to a Victorian Government agency on a risk management system.

  • Periscope has continued to work with some existing clients on health and safety data capture and KPI reporting. In some instances, up to three years of data has been captured with various performance indicators and rolling averages charted on Periscope’s dashboard and displayed in reports.

  • Some clients have spoken to Periscope about the use of the Periscope Business Continuity module. The module includes business impact analysis and business recovery objectives.

Periscope App - Recent changes by Google Play affecting mobile devices operating on older Android operating systems

As of 1 August 2019, Google Play has advised that new Apps must target Android 9.0. This has caused problems on older Android phones which cannot operate on the required Android operating system. This has resulted in some Periscope users not being able to access Periscope’s App from the Google Play store, as the phone’s age has meant that it cannot access Apps built to meet Google Play’s target Android operating system. In these instances, Periscope can provide a weblink to download the App directly without going to the Google Play store.

Family Violence Reforms

Some clients will be aware of Family Violence Reforms that have come into place. Periscope has responded to a recent questionnaire sent out by the Victorian Government regarding the practices of its suppliers primarily in relation to special leave provisions.

One of Periscope’s existing energy sector clients has spoken about a significant training program that is being rolled out across 1,000 employees, particularly customer services staff. The objective of the training is for staff to understand how to deal with customers that may be subject to a violent relationship. There may be flow on impacts for suppliers and providers, as the reforms are embedded into practice.

Tips and Tricks

Images in App or web in emails and reports

Images captured in the Periscope App can be sent in emails and displayed in reports. This is particularly useful for hazard/incident reporting, maintenance reporting and evidence of completed actions.

Creating decision trees

Decision trees can be readily created within forms using a mixture of calculations and images. The example below shows screenshots of the Codex decision tree which is used for determining Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or 03 9882 1896, if there are any matters you would like to discuss.

Regards Praveen


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