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Periscope Developments

One of our most recent developments has been an update to the Welcome Page. The original Welcome Page served a limited purpose, and while we have implemented this change, there are some further additions to come. The changes to the Welcome Page reflect a proposed change in the styling of Periscope Software, that will progressively be rolled out across the Home Page and Dashboard. Feedback to date has been really positive.

The Welcome Page displays a chart and list of records where the user is the record Owner and has a date by which to complete an action. The actions by form are listed on the right-hand side of the display with a live link to the relevant records.

What is Trending?

Recently we have been approached by another energy company to discuss a risk and compliance system, which continues the interest in compliance systems that we have seen across the Eastern seaboard.

The growth in the use of the Periscope App is continuing with one of our clients developing an App for the inspection of manhole covers.

Over the last few months, there has been significant interest in the reporting of health and safety key performance indicators. In one instance, Periscope has replicated data from 2011 to demonstrate the ability of the software to capture these statistics and generate outputs in an Excel spreadsheet including charts.

Case Study – Health and Safety Hazard and Incident Reporting

Periscope is in the process of implementing a new health and safety hazard and incident reporting system for a Government agency. The objective of the system is to easily capture hazard and incident information on a phone or computer to reinforce a culture of reporting. Detailed categorisation of the event and investigation is done by appropriately trained people in the organisation. The system is designed to capture statistics including the agency of injury, bodily location, mechanism of injury and location of injury, which can then be displayed on a KPI chart on Periscope’s dashboard or used in external applications such as Excel charts and Power BI.

In our next update, we will highlight some of the aspects of hazard and incident reporting systems that our clients regularly discuss with us.

Tips and Tricks

Previously we discussed the ability of clients to create their own Word and Excel reports, but neglected to mention that PowerPoint reports can also be created. This allows the opportunity to present information as part of a slideshow or presentation. While it is an iterative process to determine the most effective layout, the resulting document can present information in a more engaging manner for the audience. An example is shown below:

One of the most useful tools for updating data and/or running workshops is the ability to export data to Excel with all the associated lookup tables which helps to preserve data integrity. It can also be used to create Excel templates for users to complete, which can then be imported into the database. This is simply done by using the Export with Export Lookups function.


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