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Periscope Developments

Over the last 12 months, several clients have asked about the ability for Periscope Software to become a data source for Microsoft’s Power BI dashboarding and analytics tool. While data from the software can be exported and the resultant spreadsheet uploaded to Power BI, Periscope has been able to demonstrate that data can be pulled directly from the database. This ability, where security can be applied prior to the data extraction, provides clients with even greater power to use and report data more effectively.

While Periscope has a sophisticated import function for Excel documents, one of the challenges over many years has been the ability to import data from complex documents into the database, without lots of data handling and manipulation. Periscope is in the advanced stages of proving the ability to import data directly from complex documents into the database.

What is Trending?

In recent months, there has been a strong focus on compliance management systems. During this period, Periscope has responded to tenders or requests from an energy retailer, large Council, health organisation, a well-known not for profit and Government authority regarding the implementation of compliance management systems. Periscope is also working with a leading provider of compliance obligations to more easily import content from the provider’s compliance modules into Periscope Software.

One of the cornerstones of good governance, risk and compliance management, is the management of controls. Controls are typically in place for risk and compliance management and form the basis of organisational audit programs and business continuity/disaster recovery planning. Controls are also important in understanding why an incident has occurred, as investigations tend to focus on the effectiveness or absence of controls in place. One of the recent reports that Periscope has developed is based on understanding the importance of a control. This easy to create Excel report can be uploaded to client systems, subject to mapping the relevant data fields.

Case Study – Leadership Walks

In August 2017, Periscope was approached by a Water Authority requesting assistance with the development and delivery of an online mobile Leadership Walk module. The objectives of the Leadership Walk program were to improve visibility and accountability of organisational values, behaviours and safety performance across the entire Authority. Using the Periscope app, the product was rapidly developed with the first Leadership Walk conducted using the App in October 2017. Since the system went live, over 2,100 leadership walks have been conducted by 126 managers over a significant geographical area.

The Authority now has access to annual and monthly walk KPIs based on levels of management, with a further breakdown of data based on walks completed within the Authority’s delivery division.

The System:

  1. Allows Leadership Walks to be entered via the App or the Desktop

  2. Can be used on Apple and Android devices

  3. Supports both mobile phones and tablets.

By far the most popular device used has been a phone due to accessibility and convenience. The use of a voice recognition has alleviated issues associated with typing and spelling.

The Leadership Walk module has also been integrated with the Authority’s Hazard Reporting module so a user can seamlessly report hazards that may have been identified during the walk.

The roll out of Leadership Walks on the Periscope App was a great example of Periscope working in partnership with its client, to further evolve the system to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Periscope Training

Periscope’s next System Administrator training session is on Wednesday 5 June 2019. The objective of this training course is to is to assist clients in understanding methods for populating, updating, displaying and reporting data.

Tips and Tricks

While many clients have enjoyed the benefits of being able to create their own Word and Excel template reports which can be uploaded to the Periscope application, a couple of clients have also uploaded corporate template letters to the system. The letters can be generated by selecting a command button that auto populates the letter with data directly from the record, similar to a mail merge. The letters can include a client’s letterhead and corporate style. Most commonly this feature has been used in Freedom of Information, Complaints Management and Case Management systems.

Did you know images can be used in email templates?

The ability to include an image in an email provides greater information to recipients beyond a description and is particularly useful for hazard and incident reporting. This is convenient for users in the field who can capture images through the Periscope app using a tablet or smartphone. Once a record with the image is uploaded to Periscope software, an automatic email can be generated with the image embedded. Currently the size of the image is dictated by the capture tool and/or editor. A future development is to control the dimensions of the output from within Periscope.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or 03 9882 1896, if there are any matters you would like to discuss.


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