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Case Study - Audit Action Tracking and Reporting System

Periscope has recently worked with a water authority to implement an Audit Action Tracking and Reporting System. The work commenced in the second week of January and went live in the third week of February. The system has been well received by the organisation's Executive. The scope of work involved building the form and workflow, providing the ability to link to organisational strategic drivers and risks, importing existing data and replicating four reports that are presented to the organisation's Audit and Risk Committee.

The System allows for:

1. Transparency of actions and their status for Responsible Officers and the Executive

2. A distributed approach to updating data, moving away from the centralised management of the process using Word and Excel documents

3. Greater visibility of the status of actions for easy follow up by the Internal Audit coordinator

4. Easy reporting including statistical reporting for the Audit and Risk Committee

5. Key performance indicator charting.

The ability to deliver the System within six weeks was due to:

1. The passion of our client partner in working with internal staff to understand and use the software

2. The client's understanding of the data and the integrity of that data, making importing of data and validation of reported data easier

3. A practical and pragmatic approach to meeting the implementation timeframes, recognising that further evolution would occur as the organisational use of the system increases

4. Having a clear deadline to be met.

The reports will be presented to the Audit and Risk Committee in March.

Periscope is excited by the possibilities, by working in partnership with

our client, to further evolve the System to increase organisational

efficiency and effectiveness.


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