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Centralise data, automate workflows and unlock insights with the Periscope platform.

Supporting business with governance, risk and compliance solutions since 1998.

Enterprise management, governance and compliance practices help your business run at its best; but with so many sectors - and different ways to record, monitor and share information - it can be hard to stay on top of things.

That’s why Periscope provides you with a unique software platform to bring all aspects of your business together, consistently - saving you time and money.

Single sign on

Nobody wants to remember multiple login details, so we use ADFS, meaning you can connect easily through your company’s intranet portal. 

Customise user profiles

Assign your staff specific positions in the system, so that everybody sees only what they need to, improving efficiency and accountability.

Flexible user management

We can seamlessly maintain the HR function, so when someone leaves, the manager is put into that position until the position is filled.

Tailor your reporting

Nobody knows your business like you do, so our easily configured forms, workflows, dashboards, reports and spreadsheets can be tailored by you to your exact needs. 

Visual tools

The real-time dashboard interprets your data, and draws your attention to where it’s needed at a glance through the use of slick graphs and visual aids.

Access from any device

Now you can even use Periscope on all of your devices, making your integrated business management even more seamless. 


Periscope is Australian owned and operated, and you can rest assured that all of your data is securely stored in Australia. Our trusted operations are backed by 80 years of business experience.

Don’t take our word for it, though: originating from a legal firm, Periscope is the registered provider for multiple Top 100 Organisations and State Governments. We value our customers, providing them with personalised customer service, around-the-clock support and free training, open days and conferences. 

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