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Why Periscope?

While the integration of Business Management Systems such as Enterprise Management, Governance and Compliance are passions of ours at Periscope, we don’t expect them to be yours.

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We strive to ensure that our software is intuitive and easy to use for people of all ages, professions and skill levels, and is completely customisable to suit your needs. 

It doesn’t stop there.

We want to make sure that Administrators are getting as much as they possibly can out of our product, so all of our clients are invited to free, quarterly training sessions at our Hawthorn office.

Be empowered to make Periscope software your own.

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Periscope adapts for you


At Periscope, we give you personal configuration and customisation, without the painful price tag. 

You decide who sees what, and when, with security settings suited perfectly to your organisation’s structure. 


Periscope is intuitive


The live dashboard interface provides real-time data updates, giving you up to date information when you need it most. Each user can create their own unique view, without the need for extensive programming knowledge. 


Data imports and exports are made easy with built-in drag and drop reporting functionality, allowing you to easily create and send instant reports, graphs, charts, KPIs and scorecards. 


Need to send reports but don’t have the time? Periscope allows reports to be sent automatically to key staff after set events, or on specific dates and times of your choosing. 


Periscope is powerful


Periscope gives you the ability to manage an unlimited amount of governance, legal, risk and compliance obligation records, with no restriction on attachments.


Advanced search functionality lets you find the information you need easily, and calculations are made simple through the integration of formulas using Math.Max.


Why be restricted, when Periscope integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to provide optimal collaboration and communication throughout your entire business? 

Periscope looks and feels great


The software allows you to manage the layout- resizing graphs and your dashboard to suit your screen resolution is easy, and colour-coding fields makes quick referencing a breeze.


Choose fields to compare on your dashboard, for detailed and guided analysis of the information that is most

important to you.

Periscope never sleeps


With offline functionality, you can rest assured that no data is lost to the confines of internet connectivity


Want to know more about why Periscope is the perfect fit for your business or organisation? Contact us here  

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