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Ensure that your organisation is carrying out all activities in conjunction with the necessary policies and procedures using Periscope. Alerts, reminders and customised, integrated forms allow you to implement audit recommendations on time, every time, leaving you to get back to running your business smoothly.

The Periscope Audit Planning tool enables tracking of audit scopes, business units audited, resource and funding requirements. The Audit Action Tracking tool provides oversight of agreed Management actions that respond to audit findings and recommendations meaning real time reporting to Boards, Risk and Audit Committees and Executive Management.

Business planning

Planning for your business' future needs requires coordination across a range of business aspects. General business planning can be tailored to your business with the use of Periscope, making business planning and reporting a breeze.


Strategic actions can be cascaded down from the organisation’s strategic objectives so that staff have a clear understand how their work affects the organisation.

Complaint management

Complaints are inevitable, but if managed effectively, they can become a cornerstone of opportunity and improvement for your organisation. Keep track of areas of improvement and enable your business to keep tabs on what can be improved.


Complying with legal requirements and other standards of good practice can be time consuming and hard to track. Periscope’s Compliance software enables easy maintenance of compliance obligations and tracking of conformance against these obligations.


This approach can vary from standard attestation questionnaires to annual declarations made by accountable staff.

Contract management

Ditch the outdated filing cabinet and manage all your contracts with customers, vendors, partners and employees in the one place.


Negotiating, supporting and managing contracts has never been so easy with alerts and reminders ensuring you stay on top

of everything.

Executive reporting

Consistency and transparency of executive statistical reporting has always been a challenge. By using Periscope’s easy Executive Reporting tool, monthly and year to date statistical analysis is easily undertaken.


On screen charts reflecting the current and previous 11 months of data across a range of elements such as safety, environment and auditing.

Governance reporting

Easily compile relevant data regarding your company's strategy, risk and governance procedures with integrated reports, knowing all stakeholders can rest assured that things are running smoothly.

Incident reporting

Report Incidents on the go on multiple devices. Simply fill in your personalised, no-fuss form with the ability to attach photos and pin locations.

View and analyse your data at a glance through filters of your choosing to identify patterns or trends, allowing you to minimise the likelihood of future incidents.

Risk management

Forecast and evaluate potential risks through the use of Periscope's features such as setting alerts, reminders, and viewing the workings of your company holistically through the use of visual aids. Periscope makes it easy to track, predict, and minimise risks.

Periscope Spotlight.png

Discover what Periscope can do for your business

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