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Periscope has been developing a Chemical, Biological and Radiation Risk Assessment tool for a major health research organisation.


For Chemical  Risk Assessments, the user enters standard Chemical information such as Unique Chemical Identifiers (Cas Number), Storage Codes (DG Codes)  and the Globally Harmonised System of Labelling Hazardous Substances (GHS codes). Depending on usage amounts and the chemical state (gas, liquid or solid), a series of calculations are undertaken to: 


* Determine the level of inhalation and/or skin irritation risk based on 5 risk matrices

* Recommend controls using risk based control bands

* Recommend specific controls based on DG and GHS statements.


In order to deliver this system the following recent software developments have been used, including:

* Ability to use Weighting and Sort Order in field calculations

* On screen display of Checkbox narratives

* Radio Button/Checkbox displayed as "buttons".

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